Feltro meets lace and it’s a winning combination

Sciarpa Lovely Leaf Lace in Feltro. Foto di Purl Soho

Lovely Leaf Lace scarf in Feltro. Picture: Purl Soho

Purl Soho apparently loves creating free knitting patterns with our yarns and we, at Lanecardate, are very happy about it!

This time they dared our bulky feltro with a leafy lace pattern and the experiment was a very warm success. Here we introduce you the new Lovely Leaf Lace Scarf. The pattern has not been created with Feltro in mind, it was planned for a worsted weight yarn, but with Feltro it gets supercozy, especially now that winter has come.

Sciarpa Lovely Leaf Lace in Feltro, detail. Foto di Purl Soho

To make the scarf, you shall need 4 hanks of Feltro. The leaves lace patterns is quite easy to memorize and requires intermediate skills. It’s a nice pattern to learn a basic increase and two directional decreases and to try your hand at grafting.

Remember that you can check out all Lanecardate patterns on this link.

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