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Shell stitch swatched with Klimt yarn

If you like this shell stitch swatch crocheted with our Klimt yarn, you can crochet it too, just follow the instructions below. Please, note that the instructions are given using US crochet terms. For UK crocheters, just remember that the US single crochet stitch is the UK double crochet stitch and that the US double […]

Gull stitch in Lace

Il campione di punto gabbiano

Our gorgeous Lace is perfect for this kind of easy-peasy lacey stitch. A 7 stitch repetition which is straightforward enough to be knitted while in front of the TV bust still interesting enough to keep you from going bored. We have knitted it as a semicurcular swatch with our Lace and 4 mm (US 6) […]

Tiny butterflies in Nanna

Il punto Mini Farfalle

This small eyelet pattern creates a number of tiny butterflies. Knitted in our Nanna, it can be just the thing to embellish a child’s dress or jacket. The stitch is knitted on a multiple of 6 sts plus 9 for the simmetry. Work the stitch according to the instructions or to the chart below. Row […]

Make your own yarn swift

Un arcolaio di tipo simile a quello presentato nel video.

Our yarns always come winded in nice plump balls, but sometimes you buy yarn that’s winded in hanks. Even with Lanecardate Handknitting, their quality ensure that any item knitted with them will last a long time, but then you may want to unravel something that’s gone out of fashion, wind the yarn in a skein […]

Yarn subsititution: how to

nanna (2) - Copia

If we don’t like the yarn recommended for a pattern, we can substitute it, but we must be very careful. We must check that the yarn has the same weight/meterage ratio and that the fibers are the same. Then, we must make a gauge swatch. If a pattern asks for 400 grams of yarn, we […]

Downloading patterns from Ravelry


Italian independent designers created some patterns just for our yarns. If you want to know how to download them from Ravelry, just follow the next few easy steps. We will see how to download both free and paid patterns. Click on the link provided on the designer’s web page. You will be redirected to a […]