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Shell stitch swatched with Klimt yarn

If you like this shell stitch swatch crocheted with our Klimt yarn, you can crochet it too, just follow the instructions below. Please, note that the instructions are given using US crochet terms. For UK crocheters, just remember that the US single crochet stitch is the UK double crochet stitch and that the US double […]

An anticold hat

BrrTime (2)

We often say that our carded Lanecardate yarns are loftier and softer than their worsted counterparts, but also longer. This lovely hat knitted by gifted Niklaus is the proof of it. It took her less than one skein to create this lovely hat in a small size (for a child’s head) using Suvi Simola “It’s […]

Lolo Wang’s capsule collection patterns available online.

Lolo Wang

The capsule collection that the NABA graduated Lolo Wang first presented at our stand during the last Pitti Filati is now ready to be reproduced by you all. Lolo wrote down the instructions to knit and crochet the items she created and we will publish them on our website (we will also introduce each one of […]

Lolo Wang and her clouds made of Lanecardate

Do you remember Lolo Wang? She created a mini collection of accessories and garment for the winter edition of Pitti Filati using Lanecardate yarns, a collection that we were proud to exhibit in our stall. Lolo is not a student anymore, she just graduated from NABA with a memory-themed capsule collection. And she chose our […]

A gallery with Lamora

Lo scialle

Lamora is probably our most successful yarn, so we have taken a little time browsing Ravelry to see what our clients decided to make with it. For instance, Lamarghe used Lamora to create this beautiful beanie in red and black. To create it she used the Deathflake chart by Art fiend, which she applied to […]

Why carded yarns for Lanecardate?


Why do we produce carded (woolen) yarns? This is a peculiarity of ours: despite the fact that in our industrial district the main product are combed or worsted yarns, Lane Cardate has always believed in woolens. Not just wools, cashmere, angora and camel: all of them carded. Carding is a process that, prior to spinning, […]

A hat with more volume


Rililie, from La maison Rililie, has reworked her Cocoon hat with our SoWool yarn. Cocoon is a perfectly simple and linear beanie fit for both men and women and originally worked in a thinner yarn using single and single broken rib (which by the way make the hat also reversible). This version in So Wool […]

Pitti Filati: day one

Day one at Pitti Filati: guess which yarn is back in the handknitting collection? The clue is in the name!  

Lolo Wang’s capsule collection at Pitti Filati

Curious about Pitti Filati and Lanecardate Handknitting? Lolo Wang, a NABA student who shortly will receive her master degree and undoubtedly a rising star in the creative textile world, will present at Pitti Filati her first capsule collection, completely realized with Lanecardate yarns. Her collection is funny and playful: she turned each of our yarns […]

Design crochet hook, for your special Lanecardate yarns


Sometimes we want just a functional basic crochet, the one that does its job. Sometimew we want something beautiful, especially when we are working with a luxury yarn. If you need some recommendations, here’s a small list of precious crochet hooks! The Knitting Glass Guy hooks are not made of glass, but of pyrex. If you […]