Why carded yarns for Lanecardate?


Why do we produce carded (woolen) yarns? This is a peculiarity of ours: despite the fact that in our industrial district the main product are combed or worsted yarns, Lane Cardate has always believed in woolens. Not just wools, cashmere, angora and camel: all of them carded.

Le due strisce unite del nostro esperimento

The two joined stripes of our experiment

Carding is a process that, prior to spinning, disentangles, cleans and intermixes the fibers that are going to be used for yarn. This process produces a continuous “web” or sliver of fiber suitable for subsequent processing, in our case for spinning. The resulting yarn is quite a bit different from the combed version. It’s softer, loftier and with a slight halo. While the stitch definition of a woolen yarn is somewhat less, these yarns are relatively warmer than the worsted version of the same fiber and weight. Besides, being loftier a wolen yarn can have a much longer yardage: this means more knitting with the same numeber of skeins!

Il risultato dell'esperimento

The experiment result, it is quite obvious how much longer the Luxors strip is

We made a test: we have knitted two stripes, one in our Luxor (woolen cashmere) and one in a worsted yarn with the exact same weight. The two strips have exactly the same width and number of stitches per row, but the one knitted with our carded yarn is almost 20% longer.

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