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Punti e spilli, yarns and fabrics in Forlì

Punti & Spilli, Forlì

Don’t get fooled, this pink building is not a private home: it’s Punti & Spilli, the most exciting yarns and fabric shop in the whole Romagna. This coastal region is home of a few interesting shop but the one created by Patrizia and Sandra is the most prominent one. So push the gate and walk […]

Talamu by Melanie Berg

Talamu by Melanie Berg knitted by Heidi

If you feel like an easy shawl that allows you to play with colors but also to relax with an easy-peasy piece of knitting, here comes Talamu by Melanie Berg. Heidi (the owner of Fiordilana, our store in Villasanta, near Milano) has knitted it using five different shades of our all-time favorite, Lamora: a supersoft […]

Il Filarino, shop in Bologna

Il Filarino, Bologna

We have visited Il Filarino, our reseller in Bologna. Open since just a few months, Il Filarino quickly won the hearts of fibre lovers all over the capital city of Emilia with its accurate choices. But this unusual shop will also win your eyes with its colorful displays held by white-painted fruit crates hanging from […]

Handmade Berlin: Lanecardate all over Europe!

The first interview to an European retailer of Lanecardate Handknitting outside of Italy: Handmade Berlin. We had a chat with Tanja Lay. She has studied art history and media design, worked in the TV industry, runned her own media agency for several years, and then she opened a yarn store where she sells extraordinary yarns […]

A new retailer in Louxembourg

We are happy to announce our new retailer in Louxembourg: WoolINSPIRES. Located right close to the center of Louxembourg City, this shop offers a small but extremely yummy selection of yarns, including other European brands of very high quality. Woolinspires stocks our Feltro, Feltrone, Lamora and pur Lanacotta fabric. The shop also has a small […]

Mister Lino, un nuovo punto vendita a Parma

Il bancone di Misterlino si confronta con una parete di scaffali di filati

A brand new shop is listed amongst our Italian retailers, Mister Lino Officina Lana e Caffè. This is a quite unique shop because it pairs a top-quality coffeeshop with a LYS. The yarn shelves surround the tables where you can sit and drink an excellent brew prepared in many different ways. At Misterlino you can […]

Do Knit: our Lanecardate retailer in Milan


Today, we are presenting you our retailer in Milan, in via Canonica. They are Do-Knit, and they just revamped their website! When did you open your Do-Knit shop? 3 young businesswomen from the design and fashion worlds started DO-KNIT in 2012, to knit high-quality accessories and garments. We were looking for an up-to-date, special style. […]

Unfilodi, a new retailer

Unfilodi (0)

We are very pleasured to add to our retailers list Unfilodi, one of Italy’s most prestigious yarn shops. Unfilodi has an exceptional array of italian and international yarns, the product of painstaking researches done by the owner Maria Luisa. Unfilodi is located in Carate Brianza, just a short car ride from Milano, in a lovely […]

Christmas tree knitted decorations


Christmas tree decoration in Italy traditionally starts on December 8, so why not decorate the tree with some knitted balls? Norwegian designers Arne and Carlos created a series of lovely knitted Christmas tree decorations that can be knitted with two yarn colors with the stranded technique. This knitting technique can be worked with a wide […]