Il Filarino, shop in Bologna

Il Filarino, Bologna

Il Filarino, Bologna

We have visited Il Filarino, our reseller in Bologna. Open since just a few months, Il Filarino quickly won the hearts of fibre lovers all over the capital city of Emilia with its accurate choices. But this unusual shop will also win your eyes with its colorful displays held by white-painted fruit crates hanging from the walls and piled up in orderly stacks. The unusual furniture has caused a bit of a confusion amongst the local, with new clients popping into the shop asking for fruits and vegetables despite the yarn displayed in the window.

Il Filarino is located in via Murri 88, not far from the famous Giardini Margherita, and can be easily reached by bus from the Central station; just take the line 32 to Santo Stefano and then a 10 minutes walk will get you to the shop, although you may also take line 13 which stops just a few steps from the shop. Don’t forget their extensive range of knitting and crochet courses and the Thursday knit cafe!

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