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Klimt: lamè is back

Bicolor afghan crochet

Klimt, our yarn made of wool, angora and lamè is back, with a new and bigger colour chart. Klimt composition in detail is as follows: 66% superfine wool, 22% angora, 12% lamè.  It is sold in balls of 25 grams/160 meters. There is just enough lamè to make you shine, discreetly reflecting the light around  […]

Gull stitch in Lace

Il campione di punto gabbiano

Our gorgeous Lace is perfect for this kind of easy-peasy lacey stitch. A 7 stitch repetition which is straightforward enough to be knitted while in front of the TV bust still interesting enough to keep you from going bored. We have knitted it as a semicurcular swatch with our Lace and 4 mm (US 6) […]

Nanna, not just for babies

Nanna nel suo ambiente naturale

Nanna is our pure wool and it’s primarly meant for babies (“nanna” means “nap” after all), but it’s actually a pretty versatile yarn with lots of possibilities.  Nanna can be knitted to a pretty wide range of tensions, from 24 to about 18 sts to 10 cm. It’s light and wonderfully soft, with a smooth […]

Donegal, Lanecardate Handknitting tweed yarn

donegal-3-bassa -feat

Donegal is Lanecardate Handknitting extremely versatile yarn, because of its weight and structure Donegal is perfect for both knitting and crochet and it can be used for sweaters, cardigans, accessories like hats, scarves, mittens, bed socks, bags and also for blankets. Sold in 50 grams/120 meters balls, Donegal is a pure wool slightly felted tweed […]

Pitti Filati: day one

Day one at Pitti Filati: guess which yarn is back in the handknitting collection? The clue is in the name!  

Feltrone yarn: a close up

feltrone-3-bassa -feat

Feltrone is Lanecardate Handknitting hugest yarn. Feltrone, like Feltro, is made of 75% wool, 25% angora (cruelty free), and is made of 30 ply, slightly felted. Because of that, Feltrone is less prone to pilling than bulky one ply yarns. It is sold in 100 grams/45 meters hanks. You can knit or crochet it with […]

Crocheting Feltro


Winter has come. We want cosy, warm accessories, and we want them now! Enters Feltro , that is not a Shakespearean Italian character but our bulky 75% wool, 25% (cruelty free) angora yarn; these fibers, combined, make Feltro soft, slightly hairy and pleasantly materic. Feltro is sold in 100 grams/90 meters balls and it is […]

Yarn subsititution: how to

nanna (2) - Copia

If we don’t like the yarn recommended for a pattern, we can substitute it, but we must be very careful. We must check that the yarn has the same weight/meterage ratio and that the fibers are the same. Then, we must make a gauge swatch. If a pattern asks for 400 grams of yarn, we […]

Beyond the colors in the rainbow

You already know, at Lanecardate we are experts in colors, we can offer a really huge variety of colors to our clients. But what about you? We can’t ask your favorite color, but we cal at least ask you whta type of colors you like best: do you like them bright and flashy or do […]

Valentina Cosciani and Camel

A ball of Camel (by Valentina Cosciani). Our indipendent Italian designer friends are falling further in love with Lanecardate Handknitting yarns, especially with our unique Camel. Valentina Cosciani has dedicated a whole blog post to this fantastic yarn: lofty, light and fantastically warm, and which really can help any knitter’s skills shine. Read her article […]