Nanna, not just for babies

Nanna nel suo ambiente naturale

Nanna in its natural environment

Nanna is our pure wool and it’s primarly meant for babies (“nanna” means “nap” after all), but it’s actually a pretty versatile yarn with lots of possibilities.  Nanna can be knitted to a pretty wide range of tensions, from 24 to about 18 sts to 10 cm.

Al microscopio Nanna mostra tutta la sua morbidezza.

Microscope images shows Nanna’s softness

It’s light and wonderfully soft, with a smooth halo of fluff but no shedding that may disturb the little babies noses, or speckle your other clothing. Stitch definition is relatively good and, while not particularly elastic, it can create nice cables. All of these reasons mean that Nanna is not just a very good yarn for the kids and babies but also a perfect yarn for adult sweaters, especially for those who prefer a thinner but still very warm garment, but it’s also a fitting choice (when knitted with larger than suggested needles) for a shawl or lacey scarf.

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