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Punti e spilli, yarns and fabrics in Forlì

Punti & Spilli, Forlì

Don’t get fooled, this pink building is not a private home: it’s Punti & Spilli, the most exciting yarns and fabric shop in the whole Romagna. This coastal region is home of a few interesting shop but the one created by Patrizia and Sandra is the most prominent one. So push the gate and walk […]

Nanna, not just for babies

Nanna nel suo ambiente naturale

Nanna is our pure wool and it’s primarly meant for babies (“nanna” means “nap” after all), but it’s actually a pretty versatile yarn with lots of possibilities.  Nanna can be knitted to a pretty wide range of tensions, from 24 to about 18 sts to 10 cm. It’s light and wonderfully soft, with a smooth […]

Donegal, Lanecardate Handknitting tweed yarn

donegal-3-bassa -feat

Donegal is Lanecardate Handknitting extremely versatile yarn, because of its weight and structure Donegal is perfect for both knitting and crochet and it can be used for sweaters, cardigans, accessories like hats, scarves, mittens, bed socks, bags and also for blankets. Sold in 50 grams/120 meters balls, Donegal is a pure wool slightly felted tweed […]

Pitti Filati: what’s new

So… what happened at Pitti Filati? An old favourite yarn is back! Plus, after premiering just for Pitti, the brand new knit and crochet patterns by Lolo Wang will soon be available. Do you feel like having a sneak peek?  

Pitti Filati: day one

Day one at Pitti Filati: guess which yarn is back in the handknitting collection? The clue is in the name!  

Feltrone yarn: a close up

feltrone-3-bassa -feat

Feltrone is Lanecardate Handknitting hugest yarn. Feltrone, like Feltro, is made of 75% wool, 25% angora (cruelty free), and is made of 30 ply, slightly felted. Because of that, Feltrone is less prone to pilling than bulky one ply yarns. It is sold in 100 grams/45 meters hanks. You can knit or crochet it with […]

Il Filarino: Lanecardate Handknitting in Bologna


Here’s the latest interview to our Lanecardate Handknitting Italian (and, very soon,  European) retailers. This time, we had a lovely chat with  Lorenza, owner of Il Filarino, the brand new shop (and e-shop) in Bologna. When did you start your business? In September 2013, we started as a blog, then we became an e-shop and now […]

Crocheting Feltro


Winter has come. We want cosy, warm accessories, and we want them now! Enters Feltro , that is not a Shakespearean Italian character but our bulky 75% wool, 25% (cruelty free) angora yarn; these fibers, combined, make Feltro soft, slightly hairy and pleasantly materic. Feltro is sold in 100 grams/90 meters balls and it is […]

Feltro Snood


Snoods appeared one day in the knittingverse and it looks like they’re here to stay. They’re perfect if you can’t stand scarf ends going here and there and being bulky under our coat. Feltro snood is made with 3 skeins of our Feltro. It has a 70 cm circumference, but you can make it longer […]

A Lanecardate event at WoolCrossing in Turin

Lavorando ai ferri davanti a WoolCrossing

WoolCrossing in Turin is one of the most innovative and interesting yarn shops in Italy. it’s also a seller for our yarns since last fall and the Momento Nordico cardigan was designed by Emma Fassio to celebrate the occasion. Now, WoolCrossing celebrates the restocking of our yarns (and our unique felted fabric), Emma Fassio and […]