Punti e spilli, yarns and fabrics in Forlì

Punti & Spilli, Forlì

Punti & Spilli, Forlì

Don’t get fooled, this pink building is not a private home: it’s Punti & Spilli, the most exciting yarns and fabric shop in the whole Romagna. This coastal region is home of a few interesting shop but the one created by Patrizia and Sandra is the most prominent one. So push the gate and walk into this large ex apartment turned into shop and laboratory.

Both a shop and a laboratory: Punti & Spilli has a double vocation for both knitting and yarns and creative sewing and fabrics: this is why Lanecardate Handknitting is so well fitted for Punti & Spilli: as you know our yarns are indeed paralleled to a line of wool fabrics (Lanacotta and Lanacotta Donegal) that allow to create mixtures of knitting and sewing.

Punti & Spilli is near the center of Forlì, in via della Grata. Check out their extensive program of courses for knitting, crochet, creative sewing, needlepoint and other crafts.

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