A Lanecardate event at WoolCrossing in Turin

Lavorando ai ferri davanti a WoolCrossing

Knitting in public in front of WoolCrossing

WoolCrossing in Turin is one of the most innovative and interesting yarn shops in Italy. it’s also a seller for our yarns since last fall and the Momento Nordico cardigan was designed by Emma Fassio to celebrate the occasion. Now, WoolCrossing celebrates the restocking of our yarns (and our unique felted fabric), Emma Fassio and the shopowner Federica Giudice will take time to discuss the caracteristics of Lanecardate HandKnitting’s natural yarns.

Il nostro Donegal

Il nostro Donegal

The event will take place on Wednesday, September 24 at 6 pm (and will continue until 9 pm) at the Wool Crossing shop on via Buniva in Turin. The size of the shop limits the number of partecipants to a maximum of 25 people, so reserve in advance! Tickets cost 5 euro.

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