Carol Milne’s knitted glass

Tre opere di Carol Milne

Three of Carol Milne’d works

Carol Milne is a canadian sculptor who lives and works in Seattle (USA) that is best known for her Knitted Glass work, winning the Silver Award, in the International Exhibition of Glass Kanazawa Japan 2010.  Her tecnique for creating the stunning pieces of knitted glass requires a rather large number of passages. First Milne knits the original art piece using wax strands, then she surrouns the wax with a heat-tolerant refractory material, then the wax is removed by melting it out, thus creating a mold; finally the mold is placed in a kiln where lead crystal is melted into the mold, and, once the mold has cooled, it is removed to reveal the finished piece within. A complicate process that involves several different tecnhiques, including knitting itself, and which yelds stunning results. We could call glass a synthetic fiber, but the poutcome is certainly worth Milne’s efforts.

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