Il Filarino: Lanecardate Handknitting in Bologna


filarino-3Here’s the latest interview to our Lanecardate Handknitting Italian (and, very soon,  European) retailers.

This time, we had a lovely chat with  Lorenza, owner of Il Filarino, the brand new shop (and e-shop) in Bologna.

When did you start your business? In September 2013, we started as a blog, then we became an e-shop and now we have a brick-and-mortar LYS in via Murri 88/A.

filarino-2What are your opening hours? We are closed on Sunday. We are open every day from 10 AM to 12,30 and from 15,30 to19,30. On Tuesday and Thursday, we are open until 21, on Satuday, we are open from 10 AM to 19,30.

Why choosing Lanecardate Handknitting? For its quality! We sell high quality yarn and we are very proud of our customer service. We think that both must me of top quality to share our passion for this creative”art”.

Did you knit something, for you, your family or your friends, with Lanecardate Handknitting yarns?  Yes, we did knit a pair of very soft cashmere mittens.

What do your customers like about Lanecardate? Lanecardate yarns are so good to the touch and different from all the other yarns. Knitting with luxury yarns feels great!

In your lovely shop, beside yarns, what else can we find? During our Tuesday and Thursday evenings, we like to have our customers around to know each other, to learn new techniques or to work on their projects, maybe experimenting new finishing tricks. Every second Sunday, each month, we have our Brunch&Knit events. There, our clients learn about enterlac, short rows and so on… while tasting something good and different every time. 


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