Mister Lino, un nuovo punto vendita a Parma

Il bancone di Misterlino si confronta con una parete di scaffali di filati

Misterlino’s bar is faced by yarn shelves

A brand new shop is listed amongst our Italian retailers, Mister Lino Officina Lana e Caffè. This is a quite unique shop because it pairs a top-quality coffeeshop with a LYS.

The yarn shelves surround the tables where you can sit and drink an excellent brew prepared in many different ways. At Misterlino you can drink an excellent espresso, but you can also sip on great drip coffee or the smoothest turkish coffee. And beside drinking dark smooth brews you can also knit. The main room is totally surrounded in shelves holding yarns including ours. In the basement a further room hosts courses and lessons in knitting, crochet and other techniques.

Lino Alberini, the owner, is a coffee distributor and lover who has decided to pair knitting and cofee after noticing how many places offered knitting paired with tea. He is not a knitter, but in the shop you can find the help of an expert knitter and yarn lover that will help you pick the right material for your project.

Mister Lino is located in Parma, inside the Barilla Center mall. The photos have been shot by Ivan Lazzaretti.

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