Do Knit: our Lanecardate retailer in Milan


Do-Knit-Store-bassaToday, we are presenting you our retailer in Milan, in via Canonica. They are Do-Knit, and they just revamped their website!

When did you open your Do-Knit shop?

3 young businesswomen from the design and fashion worlds started DO-KNIT in 2012, to knit high-quality accessories and garments. We were looking for an up-to-date, special style. The Do-Knit knitting items can be identified by their styling, color mixing and luxury yarns.

You have an e-shop and you just revamped it. Tell us more.

Web knitters can benefit from our experience: online, they can choose between yarns, accessories and patterns we carefully selected in advance. In November, we upgraded our site, because we love change and improvement, and now our webpage is a dynamic window allowing knitters from all over Italy to talk to us, to feel like they are with us, in our shop. Our webpage is a window to our philosophy, uniting research and contemporaneity in our knitwear brand.

Cappellini realizzati con Lamora

Why Lanecardate?

Lanecardate has always been our main partner. We have been one of their first Handknitting line retailers, starting with Lamora and 100′s, then moving to Nanna, Donegal, Felpa, Feltro, Feltrone and now Lace. We appreciate each other and we can relate on many aspects. Year after year, we chose Lanecardate, we always have their latest yarns in many different (and exclusive) colors.

We chose Lanecardate obviously for the quality of their yarns, and they are fantastic to work with!

Did you knit something, for you, your relatives or friends, with Lanecardate?

Of course!!! We knitted sweaters with Lanecardate, because when you knit something for you, or your relatives, using a luxury, high quality yarn, you also show your customers how special that yarn is. To make an example, we knit items for children and adults and we find, in Lanecardate Handknitting selection, always the perfect yarn: we use Nanna for small children, because it is a 100% merino carded wool, so it does not irritate their delicate skin and does not shed. For older children and adults we prefer Lamora for hats and garments, because it’s so soft.

Pon pon fatti con NannaWhat do your customers love in Lanecardate?

We always ask our customers some feedback on the yarns we sell and they always tell us about Lanecardate softness, colors and yardage. Lanecardate is a winter “must-have”.

How many custom colors did you chose for Do Knit?

We have Lamora in 26 nuances, from brilliant colors to more muted ones. The same goes for the other Lanecardate yarns.

What do knitters and crocheters find, when they enter the Do-Knit shop?

They can: knit, crochet, buy yarn, buy items we designed and knitted (for children and adults), they can buy patterns, find the latest knitting accessories, learn how to knit or how to improve their knitting, meeting friends and drink something. Our courses are basic, intermediate, advanced, one-to-one on appointment. We teach intensive workshops to create one-of-a-kind items.

Since February, knitters can join us for a “happy knit Hour”, to meet, chat and happily knit. We are enthusiastic about knitters visiting our store, they are the energy behind the knitting. If you are still not a knit addicted, you will be one soon!

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