The easiest seed stitch scarf

La sciarpa a grana di riso

The seed stitch scarf

Stitch patterns can’t get much easier than seed stitch: knit one stitch and purl one stitch over an odd number of stitches. Yet this grainy, textured stitch has lots of proprieties: it’s reversible, lies flat and doesn’t curl and therefore it’s a perfect stitch for a scarf. Especially for a beginner’s scarf, since this stitch trains equally the knit and the purl stitch. And especially if you are using a precious and delicate fiber like the cashmere our Luxor yarn is made of, since seed stitch, unlike ribs and other reversible stitches, does not pull in and therefore helps stretch even a small amount of a delicate yarn.

La grana di riso della sciarpa in Luxor

The seed stitch used for our scarf

This simple scarf is a perfect, highly customizable project. Add an extra ball of yarn if you want a longer scarf, a couple and cast on more stitches if you want it also wider. And if knitting the scarf with a pure cashmere is a bit too costly, consider using our LanaCashmere instead for a yarn that knits at the same tension and ist still extremely soft and luxurious but, being a blend of cashmere and wool, is way more affordable.

Download now the Luxor Scarf!

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