Lolo Wang’s capsule collection at Pitti Filati

Lolo Wang

Lolo Wang and a lovely carousel

Curious about Pitti Filati and Lanecardate Handknitting?

Lolo Wang, a NABA student who shortly will receive her master degree and undoubtedly a rising star in the creative textile world, will present at Pitti Filati her first capsule collection, completely realized with Lanecardate yarns. Her collection is funny and playful: she turned each of our yarns in design creations: home and kitchen appliances, hi-tech paraphernalia, toys… All of it with tops, yarns and felt. For the occasion, she created a double face new knitting stitch.

She will present her capsule collection at Pitti Filati, for the first time. And what if, seeing the pictures, you want one of everything? Soon, Lolo will publish the instructions to recreate her projects with your skill!

Stay tuned!

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