Christmas tree knitted decorations

One of Arne and Carlos fantastic decorations

One of Arne and Carlos fantastic decorations. Photo by Christina McFall

Christmas tree decoration in Italy traditionally starts on December 8, so why not decorate the tree with some knitted balls? Norwegian designers Arne and Carlos created a series of lovely knitted Christmas tree decorations that can be knitted with two yarn colors with the stranded technique.

This knitting technique can be worked with a wide array of different yarns. While knitting them with cashmere, regardless of how lovely it it on the skin, is a bit of an overkill, Lane Cardate Handknitting offers lots of cheaper though excelent knitting yarns to use for this kind of projects. Consider Nanna which, despite having been created for the youngest, have a fantastic range of bright colors that are perfect for festive projects. For a slightly different take on these decorations, a different but fantastic option is our tweedy Donegal with its tiny blobs of contrasting color.

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