A new retailer in Louxembourg

La sciarpa a righe in SoWool di WoolINSPIRATION

WoolINSPIRATION’s stripey SoWool Scarf

We are happy to announce our new retailer in Louxembourg: WoolINSPIRES. Located right close to the center of Louxembourg City, this shop offers a small but extremely yummy selection of yarns, including other European brands of very high quality. Woolinspires stocks our Feltro, Feltrone, Lamora and pur Lanacotta fabric. The shop also has a small but interesting selection of models, including this big stripey scarf knitted with our So Wool.

Besides the knitting supplies, WoolINSPIRES also sells knitting materials (needles etc.) and a lovely series of knitted jewelry, especially pins and brooches to decorate all of your garments and knits.

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