A gallery with Lamora


Lamora is probably our most successful yarn, so we have taken a little time browsing Ravelry to see what our clients decided to make with it.

Il cappellino di Lamarghe

Lamarghe’s beanie

For instance, Lamarghe used Lamora to create this beautiful beanie in red and black. To create it she used the Deathflake chart by Art fiend, which she applied to a regular beanie.

Another absolutely stunning project is this Color Craving (a pattern by Stephen West) shawl created by Frida Selva with three different colors of yarn.

I guanti di Red Moresque

Gloves knitted by Red Moresque

Red Moresque knitted an incredible pair of gloves that showcase at best Lamora’s versatility for both lace and cables. The original pattern is Lace and Twist Gloves from Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts 2009.

Lo scialle

Dashed Lines by sabrinadesire

Let’s finish with sabrinadesiree version of this lovely Dashed Lines shawlette, a test knit for the original pattern that she interely worked with Lamora in two different colors.

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