A very lightweight cardigan

Ecuador di Joji Locatelli è disponibile su Ravelry e può essere lavorato con il nostro Lace

Joji Locatelli’s Equador can be purchased through Ravely and can be worked with our Lace yarn

Lanecardate’s star for the summer is Lace, our lightweight and yet warm version of Lamora, designed specifically for knitting shawls and other light accessories. Yet, why not use Lace to create fantastic, flowing, drapey, lightweight cardigans? The Ecuador cardigan, designed by the talented Joji Locatelli, is a clear example of this type of sweater: a loose garment that’s easy to wear and which provides the little extra insulation needed at night or in artificially cooled rooms. The short sleeves are perfect to provide that little bit extra of comfort to the shoulders while not being too hot on the arms, while the wide fronts can be draped to close off drafts. Yet the cardigan’s extremely lightweight: packs into nothing and can be worked with 7 25-grams (0,9 oz) balls of yarn. The pattern for Ecuador can be purchased through Ravelry and costs about 6 euro.

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