Comodo by Nicola Susen

Comodo di Nicola Susen

Comodo by Nicola Susen

Comodo is an interesting concept: a lightweight jacket designed do be worn open is no new concept, but this cardigan can be knitted in any size and any yarn, though it works much better with lightweight yarns like our Lace or, for midseason wear, Lamora, Luxor, and LanaCashmere. This is made possible thanks to the unique characteristics of the top down construction used in this piece of clothing. A further suggestion by designer Nicola Susen is to knit the yarn with a larger than required needle, to add to the drapey effect of the yarn.

Nicola Susen also designed Fluke, a tiny shawl that doubles up as a scarf to be worn with a jacket ot draped around the neck to prevent drafts.

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