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Fish collar by Lolo Wang

Cute as a button and closed with a button is the crocheted collar decorated with fishes by Lolo Wang. Worked with our Lamora Lace and a 3,5 mm crochet hook, this funny collar will help you smile through those gloomy grey wintry days  every time you look at yourself in the mirror. It is also […]

A very lightweight cardigan

Ecuador di Joji Locatelli è disponibile su Ravelry e può essere lavorato con il nostro Lace

Lanecardate’s star for the summer is Lace, our lightweight and yet warm version of Lamora, designed specifically for knitting shawls and other light accessories. Yet, why not use Lace to create fantastic, flowing, drapey, lightweight cardigans? The Ecuador cardigan, designed by the talented Joji Locatelli, is a clear example of this type of sweater: a […]

Gull stitch in Lace

Il campione di punto gabbiano

Our gorgeous Lace is perfect for this kind of easy-peasy lacey stitch. A 7 stitch repetition which is straightforward enough to be knitted while in front of the TV bust still interesting enough to keep you from going bored. We have knitted it as a semicurcular swatch with our Lace and 4 mm (US 6) […]

Some Shetland lace for our Lace yarn


If you have fallen in love with our Lace yarn, you may want to find new ways to use it at its best. So, why not knitting some Shetland lace with it? Elizabeth Lovick’s Magic of Shetland Lace Knitting is an excelent journey through the techniques and tricks of Shetland lace. Despite the intricate look […]

Travelling to the origins with Emma Fassio


Italian designer Emma Fassio recently undertook a short trip to Sweden where her moter was born, and this shawl is what she came back with: a delicious, geometric shawl that blends a more traditional elongate triangular shape with a striped effect produced by the use of short rows. Deceptively linear, the shawl is worked fully […]

Wool and angora also for summer

Aranami Shawl

At Lanecardate HandKnitting we take great pride in our lofty, warm yarns made with all 100% natural, ethically sourced animal fibers. This means that most of your yarns are warm or even hot, perfect for the coldest winter days. But at least one of your yarns is also perfect for summer. We are not talking […]