Travelling to the origins with Emma Fassio

Indossate Viaggio alle origini anche come sciarpa attorno al collo

Viaggio alle origini can also be worn as a scarf

Italian designer Emma Fassio recently undertook a short trip to Sweden where her moter was born, and this shawl is what she came back with: a delicious, geometric shawl that blends a more traditional elongate triangular shape with a striped effect produced by the use of short rows. Deceptively linear, the shawl is worked fully in garter stitch, with an initial section and a central one wothed with short rows and two longated “wings” with increases both at the center and at the edge.

Viaggio alle origini di Emma Fassio

Emma Fassio’s Viaggio alle origini

Viaggio alle origini is knitted in our superlight and supersoft Lace, a thinner version of the classic Lamora. It has the same exact blend of lambswool and angora as Lamora, just in a lighter lace weight that is perfect for wonderfully soft shawls. Lace is sold in three natural hues that combine perfectly for an unassuming striped look in highly geometrical shawls, but it also has a nice stitch definition that will grace more traditional lace designs.

Viaggio alle origini is available through Emma Fassio’s Ravelry store, it costs 5 euro.

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