Lolo Wang and her clouds made of Lanecardate



Do you remember Lolo Wang? She created a mini collection of accessories and garment for the winter edition of Pitti Filati using Lanecardate yarns, a collection that we were proud to exhibit in our stall.

Lolo is not a student anymore, she just graduated from NABA with a memory-themed capsule collection. And she chose our yarns again.

She remembers, from when she was a child, her summer on the West Lake of Hangzhou, in China, surrounded by mountains and under a sky so blue, spotted with white lovely clouds, like the ones you can see in cartoons. So, she chose our softest yarns to reproduce those cotton candy clouds.


Lolo designed crocheted items reproducing the shape of those cartoonish clouds to bring back her memories and let us all share, see and touch them, in a way.

We present you all her crocheted clouds, do you like them?


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