Our patterns on Mani di Fata magazine

Il numeo di settembre di Mani di Fata con i nostri modelli

“Mani di Fata” magazine, September 2015

If you can read Italian, don’t miss this month’s Mani di Fata magazine, with a special and exclusive collection of patterns that combine our Lana Cotta fabric and our yarns to create garments that are both knitted and sewn. A pull with contrasting ribbed borders and sofisticate cabled pockets and a beautiful poncho with a deep ribbed collar and armholes that make it fun and yet as comfortable as a vest to wear.

Both items are complete with knitting instructions as well as sewing patterns to help you create these two attractive and yet easy to make and to wear garments. If you happen to be in Italy, you can buy the full kit of materials to create both tops in each store of the Canetta chain. If you don’t live in Italy, we suggest you buy the September 2015 issue from the Mani di Fata website and check the list of retailers on our website to find the nearest shop selling Lanecardate yarns and fabrics.

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