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Some Shetland lace for our Lace yarn


If you have fallen in love with our Lace yarn, you may want to find new ways to use it at its best. So, why not knitting some Shetland lace with it? Elizabeth Lovick’s Magic of Shetland Lace Knitting is an excelent journey through the techniques and tricks of Shetland lace. Despite the intricate look […]

Michael and Sheila Ernst’s glass knitting needles


Precious yarns deserve precious knitting needles, although those produced by glassmakers Michael and Sheila Ernst really do look a bit fragile. These two fantastic artisans have long since created their line of totally handmade, delicious glass tools and ornaments: from dip-pens to buttons and hairsticks, but their specialty are the gorgeous knitting needles and crochet […]

Fiordilana Italian shop: an interview


Today we start a new feature in our blog: we are going to interview our retailers, both brich and mortar store and e-shop owners, so you will be able to know, personally, who is choosing for you our Lanecardate Handknitting yarns. Let’s start with Heidi, owner of the Fiordilana store (Via F. Confalonieri 83, Villasanta, […]

Carol Milne’s knitted glass

Tre opere di Carol Milne

Carol Milne is a canadian sculptor who lives and works in Seattle (USA) that is best known for her Knitted Glass work, winning the Silver Award, in the International Exhibition of Glass Kanazawa Japan 2010.  Her tecnique for creating the stunning pieces of knitted glass requires a rather large number of passages. First Milne knits […]

Make your own yarn swift

Un arcolaio di tipo simile a quello presentato nel video.

Our yarns always come winded in nice plump balls, but sometimes you buy yarn that’s winded in hanks. Even with Lanecardate Handknitting, their quality ensure that any item knitted with them will last a long time, but then you may want to unravel something that’s gone out of fashion, wind the yarn in a skein […]