Fiordilana Italian shop: an interview



Today we start a new feature in our blog: we are going to interview our retailers, both brich and mortar store and e-shop owners, so you will be able to know, personally, who is choosing for you our Lanecardate Handknitting yarns.

heidi-4Let’s start with Heidi, owner of the Fiordilana store (Via F. Confalonieri 83, Villasanta, Monza Brianza) and e-shop, near Milan.

When did you start your Fiordilana e-shop?
In 2012, it was October. I kept the yarn boxes in my car box, back then :-)

Fiordilana is not only an e-shop, then.
The shop is in Via F. Confalonieri 83, Villasanta (Monza Brianza), quite near the train station. We moved twice, because we needed more room, so now I have a warehouse and a nice shop to welcome my customers.

Why did you chose to sell Lanecardate?
Because I wanted an Italian, beautiful yarn, not similar to other brands I have on sale. Now I stock Lamora, but I’d like to get also Donegal e So Wool.

Did you knit or crochet some items with Lanecardate yarns?
Yes. A sweater and hats for my children.

You can ask for custom colours to the brand, did you?
No, but I shall soon.

In your lovely shop, beside yarns, what else can we find?
We always try to offer the highest possible levels of customer care: online, on the phone, in the shop…
We also offer knitting and crochet courses, we organize workshop and host events in the evening. Moreover, if a customer needs an item, we can have it knitted for her (or him).

Thank you Heidi for your time.