Michael and Sheila Ernst’s glass knitting needles

Misure diverse di ferri hanno colorazioni diverse

Different needles sizes have different coloring

Precious yarns deserve precious knitting needles, although those produced by glassmakers Michael and Sheila Ernst really do look a bit fragile. These two fantastic artisans have long since created their line of totally handmade, delicious glass tools and ornaments: from dip-pens to buttons and hairsticks, but their specialty are the gorgeous knitting needles and crochet hooks made totally out of glass. We are not just talking about a glass bead topping a regular bamboo needles. Their unique productions indeed includes totally glass needles!

Un uncinetto in vetro degli Ernst

A glass crochet hook

Glass is known to have some properties when it comes to knitting. It has a very low grip and a uniform surface with no dents or irregularities, which means supersmooth and gliding needles. To avoid breaking, these needles are not regular glass but rather borosilicate Pyrex®, which is substantially stronger, more durable, more fracture resistant than regular glass. Still the glass is still quite fragile, on the heavy side and cold to the hand.  Yet these needles and crochet hook are fantasic to look at and nice objects to show off in your craft area.

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