Difilato: not your average e-shop


difilato-testatinaHere’s the second interview to our retailers. This time, we had a nice chat with Cinzia, owner of the Difilato e-shop.


When did you start your business?

It’s Difilato first birthday this month! I started the business in October, 2013. I am a hard core crafter and it was so difficult to find yarns and brands that I liked that I decided it was time to start a shop where people like me could easily find good yarns.

What about a brick-and-mortar shop?

I dream of it. Now I’d rather invest in beautiful yarns from different brands, so the shop is going to wait a bit, but I will open it!

Why Lanecardate Handknitting?

It’s a brand well-known for its excellence, both in the knitting industry and the handknitting world. I wanted an Italian brand in my e-shop and also I wanted to sell something not so easily available on the market.

Did you knit or crochet something, for you, your family and friends, with Lanecardate Handknitting yarns?

Yes. Mostly accessories and patterns for my babies. My children love their Lamora cowls and hats and my friends appreaciate the airy Lamora Lace scarves I knit for them.

What do your customers like, in Lanecardate Handknitting yarns?

The yarn has substance, it’s warm and full, you can see it just touching the balls. Moreover, there’s a lot of yardage in each ball, so the final projects are warm and light. I also like the colours, full but not flashy, and sometimes unusual.

difilato-lamoraIn your lovely shop, beside yarns, what else can we find?

We are always available to help our customers, both via telephone or e-mail (often customers ask for pictures of a single ball of a certain colour or of different yarns photographed together, so I do anything I can to help them); we teach both beginner and intermediate-level knitting and crochet; we organize in-depth workshops about some techniques, our teachers are well-known Italian names and our customers can ask for finished items. We are now working on the idea of online courses. We would also like to travel in different cities to teach. We would also like to offer Lanecardate Handknitting knitting kits. We own a Facebook page, with ideas, tutorials and sneak peeks and meet people we then know and befriend in RL. We also have an Instagram profile with yummy yarn pictures. :-)

Go and visit Cinzia in her Difilato e-shop, on her Facebook  page and on her “difilato” profile on Instagram!

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