When one takes a walk through Milan

Una passeggiata a Milano / A walk in milano

Una passeggiata a Milano / A walk in milano

It was walking through Milano that designer Alice Twain got her inspiration for the little hat which she called “A walk in Milano”. While skirting the Sforza Castle she met a woman wearing a hat with a design that inspired this Milan-themed hat. Twain used our Donegal to devise this intricate but not particularly difficult to knit hat.

The ribs of the border transtition into cables which create a tent-like shape that reminds of the Milan’s Cathedral front and its main spire topped with the famous “Madonnina” statue. The lofty and extremely soft Donegal does the rest: its woolen texture makes it extremely productive: a single 50 grams ball is enough to complete the whole hat.

“A walk in Milano” can be purchased from Ravelry for 3 euro. Click here to purchase and download the pattern.

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