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Valentina Cosciani and Camel

A ball of Camel (by Valentina Cosciani). Our indipendent Italian designer friends are falling further in love with Lanecardate Handknitting yarns, especially with our unique Camel. Valentina Cosciani has dedicated a whole blog post to this fantastic yarn: lofty, light and fantastically warm, and which really can help any knitter’s skills shine. Read her article […]

Lanecardate Handknitting’s traceable yarns

Why is traceability so important to yarns? A traceable product is a product for which the producer knows exactly where and by whom each raw material has been produced or sourced and by whom they have been modified. This means that the brand has a full control of each and every industrial passage, even when […]

Lanecardate Handknitting at Pitti Filati

Lo stand Lanecardate a una passata edizione di Pitti Filati

Lanecardate has just celebrated the 350th anniversary of  the start in the textile business of the Barberis Canonico family, also founders in the Seventies of Lanecardate, in the traditional wool district of Biella. Today the yarns are still created and produced with love and respect for the environment and people, entirely in Italy, by a […]