Finger Toy Mittens for parent and child

Finger Toy Mittens by Lolo Wang

Finger Toy Mittens by Lolo Wang

Lolo Wang crocheted for us this lovely parent and child mittens. The little finger is separated from the rest of the hand, thus giving the mitten the appearance of a bear with two paws.

Your little ones will get matching bear cub mittens to play with you anytime you want.

The mittens are worked in the round, starting from the cuff. The muzzles are worked separately, then embroidered and seamed on the mittens.

Worked with our softest Nanna and a 5 mm crochet hook, you will be able to crochet a pair for you and one for your child in no time at all!

Try to give the bears different facial expressions playing with your embroidery!

The Finger Toy Mittens are available for free here.

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