Lolo Wang’s Cowl



This time Lolo Wang is back with a mixed-craft cowl: the body of the cowl is knitted and the lace border at the bottom is crocheted. The cowl is worked flat, the some buttons are added to close it. You can have fun personalising this pattern choosing the buttons you like most, just remember to check they fit in the spaces between the knitted stitches!

To make the cowl, you shall need 100 grams of our So cashmere, that is 4 25 grams balls.

The yarn is bulky and very soft and warm, so the cowl is the perfect accessory for winter, it takes less yarn than a scarf, it does not move around and it stays put against your throat, to protect you against the incoming cold.

Are you bicraftual? If so, you can download the pattern for free from Ravelry. If not, isn’t it the right time to learn another craft?


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