Warming up those little hands

I guantini senza dita sono in morbidissimo SoCashmere

Our fingerless glose in soft SoCashmere

Babies have a difficult relation with gloves and mittens. These lovely fingerless mittens in a supersoft yarn are perfect for the special occasions as well as for everyday wear. The baby will not have to continously take them off in order to use his or her hands to touch, grab, and do things and he will be much more comfortable in them.

I guantini senza dita sono in morbidissimo SoCashmere

These gloves allow to touch and grab

The supersoft SoCashmere is also superwarm, so the hands will be warm even if the fingers are exposed, it’s granted not to irritate his or her still delicate skin, and despite the preciousness of the fiber, the whole item is kept comparatively cheap because one 25 grams ball is enough to knit a pair of these mittens. But if you still prefer to keep the mittens even cheaper, a 50 grams of our much cheaper SoWool will be enough to knit two pairs of mittens.

If you are afraid your baby will lose the mittens, buy a second¬† ball of SoCashmere and crochet a long chain-stitch cord that joins the two mittens. Run the cord under the baby’s coat and put the mittens on. When baby drops the mitten, it will stay put and dangle from the sleeve but will never get lost!

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