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Talamu by Melanie Berg

Talamu by Melanie Berg knitted by Heidi

If you feel like an easy shawl that allows you to play with colors but also to relax with an easy-peasy piece of knitting, here comes Talamu by Melanie Berg. Heidi (the owner of Fiordilana, our store in Villasanta, near Milano) has knitted it using five different shades of our all-time favorite, Lamora: a supersoft […]

Summer shawls


We know… it’s summer, the weather is warm and we don’t feel much like wool right now.  But if our holidays will bring us on a lake, or in the North, or somewhere on a mountain, we will bring with us a woolen lace shawl for the evening, or we will bring some Lamora Lace […]

A leftovery shawl


Not even a yard of our precious cashmere yarn Luxor has to be wasted. This is likely what pushed DeDitte to use up two leftover Luxor balls in a bright red to add interest to her Faroese shawl (a shawl created in the peculiar shape used in the Fær Øer islands). The red stripes in this […]