Summer shawls

Dunes, by Katya Novikova

Dunes, by Katya Novikova

We know… it’s summer, the weather is warm and we don’t feel much like wool right now.  But if our holidays will bring us on a lake, or in the North, or somewhere on a mountain, we will bring with us a woolen lace shawl for the evening, or we will bring some Lamora Lace balls and a pattern, to crochet a stole, or a scarf, or another shawl. Here’s some pattern ideas for you.

Cyrup Shawl
Cyrup Shawl

Pineapples for everyone is a freebie. Just crochet as many pattern repeats as you like to get a shawl of the desired size.

You will find Cyrup Shawl here, it’s a stole and the instructions are both written and charted. Same goes for Amikomo.

Dunes, by Katya Novikova, is a lace stole for sale on Ravelry. Instructions are written and charted.

Scialle Pineapples for Everyone
Pineapples for Everyone

Last but not least, the ideal shawl for beginners: easy to crochet (you shall need to know only chain stitch, single crochet and slip stitch), to memorize and to personalize: make it as small or as big as you like.