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A thousand colors

I banchi dei colori

At Lanecardate HandKnitting we love colors. Our industrial branch has a huge number of colors amongst which choosing the shades for our handknitting yarns. Our shade card is always evolving: each year we pick fashion’s trending colors and add the to the year’s choiches, along with some classics that never go out of style. The […]

A round table with Lanecardate


We did a round table with Italian independent designers who tested some of Lanecardate yarns and asked their opinions about us, our brands, our yarns, our vision. Here’s what they said. Valentina Cosciani designed some lovely mittens with our Luxor, told us: “Lanecardate yarns are sophisticated and refined, there is something special in those fibers, […]

Lanecardate Handknitting’s traceable yarns

Why is traceability so important to yarns? A traceable product is a product for which the producer knows exactly where and by whom each raw material has been produced or sourced and by whom they have been modified. This means that the brand has a full control of each and every industrial passage, even when […]

Lanecardate on Ravelry


Maybe you bought one of our yarns and you are thinking what project you shall use it for. In this case, the knitting and crochet database-cum-social-network Ravelry can help you. Here’s a tutorial on using Ravelry to find Lanecardate yarns and see what other knitters and crocheters did with them. It’s a long and detailed […]