Easy-peasy cowl

Il collo a grana di riso con il morbidissimo SoCashmere

Seed stitch cowl in SoCashmere

If you are new to knitting in the round, you will love this easy-peasy cowl in seed stitch. Just cast-on with a thick needle the required number of stitches and start working one knitted stitch and one purled stitch. The stitches will pile one over the other in a cantilevered way that will produce this fascinating reversibile and textured stitch. Once the yarn is almost over, just bind off the stitches. You do not even need to worry about marking the round start: nobody will notice if there is half a round more on one side. This means that you can make the most of our luxurious SoCashmere, a chunky pure cashmere that you will be able to use in full. Yet, if you prefer to knit with a cheaper yarn, one ball of SoWool corresponds exatly to two balls of SoCashmere and will give you a slightly sturdier but almost as soft finish.

The seed stitch cowl is a free pattern available through our Ravelry store: visit the store or the pattern page on this website to discover all of the patterns you can use to create with our yarns!

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